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Sensing Device Business Unit, MinebeaMitsumi Inc.,
Integrated mold sensing system and amplifier MIS-202-PT/PP
~ Launch the digital conversion module MIS-202-PT/PP and the system configuration equipment that can measure the pressure and the temperature in the mold cavity of an injection molding machin at the same time.. ~
<< Characteristics >>
A special conversion module of 8-channels (32 channels at the maximum) input that measures the mold cavity pressure and temperature of the injection molding machine simultaneously. Digital conversion module MIS-202-PT/PP
Digital conversion module

Relay box (for pressure)

Relay box (for temperature)
Attach the relay box MIS-304-P/MIS-304-T (4 channels input) that is convenient for wiring between the amplifier and the sensor built into the metal mold of the injection molding machine.
* The relay cable FA409-548-*M / FA409-549-*M as an option is required to use MIS-304-P/MIS-304-T.
The pressure/temperature value is watched on the condition set beforehand, and the result is output as an alarm signal. And forward the pressure value waveform converted into the analog voltage to the molding machine.
The real time waveform of the pressure/temperature value is displayed, stored, read out, analyzed, and set variously by using the attached application software of a personal computer.
CE mark applicable product.
Relay box MIS-304-P (for pressure sensors) / MIS-304-T (for temperature sensors)
This unit is used when wiring the temperature sensor MMTK-01 or the pressure sensor LSMS-S06 series embedded in the mold to the Integrated MoldSensing System: Amplifier MIS-202-PT/PP.
The input from four channels of temperature and pressure sensors can be measured simultaneously.
Specialized cable FA409-549-*M and FA409-548-*M as an option is required to connect it with MIS-202-PT.
Temperature sensor MMTK-01 for mold cavity
Specialized temperature sensor for integrated mold sensing system.
Uses a thermocouple sensor wih the tip expose close to or inside the cavity to enable dynamic monitoring of temperature variations crresponding to resin behavior.
The sensor has a small sized, 1 mm diameter tip, enabling it to be mounted even in tight target locations.
Special tool is required in inserting and detaching the sensor into / from the mold cavity.
á Specifications â
  Input of pressure sensor Input of temperature sensor
Bridge power supply DC5 V}0.25 V, within 20 mA (per 1 channel) ---
Applicable sensor LSMS-20K~3T-S06 (350Ω, 1 unit/channel) K type thermo couple MMTK-01
Numbers of input points 4 points 4 points
Zero adjustment range }1.0 %F.S. }0.2 %F.S. (at 25Ž}5Ž)
Sampling interval 10 ms per 1 channel (Changeable to 0.5 ms, 1 ms, 2 ms, 5 ms, 20 ms and 50 ms)
* Limited to 10 ms, 20 ms and 50 ms in the long-time measurement.
A/D Internal resolution 16 bit
Analog voltage output 0 VDC ~ 10 VDC
Power supply voltage
24 VDC (Available valiable range 20.4 VDC ~ 27.6 VDCj, Power consumption 16.5 W or less (at 24 VDC)
Operating temp./humidity range -10Ž ~ 60Ž, 85 %RH (Non condensing)
Outline dimensions (WxHxD) 257 mm x 116.2 mm x 48.6 mm (Excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 900 g
Mounting method Amplifier: with the magnet on a metalic side,
Relay box: with the magnet on a metalic side or with the screw.
Digital conversion module MIS-202-PT/PP, Relay box MIS-304-P / MIS-304-T, Temperature sensor MMTK-01