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6 axis force sensor / Vector sensor
The vector sensor is a sensor that detects the translation power in three directions.
The sensor can miniaturize because of a simple structure and is the best for the usage of the gripping force detection, etc.
The direction of power can be detected by using the vector sensor.
The output to the control machine can be easily connected by using a special transmitter.
vector sensor
MX020 Vector sensor MX020 series
Possible to detect three rectilinear force and directions at the same time.
Compact size and suitable for detecting the holding force
Rated capacity : Fz }20 N, Fx/Fy }10 N
CSD-594 Digital transmitter CSD-594
Compact size, High speed digital output (Baurd rate : 921.6 kbps)
The parallel connection is possible by 16 or less.
CSA-524 PC board type transmitter CSA-524
Printed board type, Analog output : DC}5 V