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Tiebar Gage Measurement System

Digital indicator TSD-591

TSD - 591
  • E Applicable to the balance adjustment of tightening force
  • E View four tie-bar's. (with voltage output)
  • E Actual load display via tie-bar gage's element.
    (Diameter, Young ratio, etc.)
  • E 4 hour internal battery.
  • E One touch automatic zero.
Bridge power supply DC 2V}0.02 V 35 mAˆΘ“ΰ
Applicable transducer Tie-bar gage (350 ƒΆtype)
Measuring method Displacement method
Temperature efficient Zero }0.2 μst/Ž
Sensitivity }0.01 %F.S./Ž
(After 15 min. of warming up time)
Efficient due to time Zero }0.2 μst/8 h
Sensitivity }0.01 %F.S./8 h
(Temperature variation width within }2 Ž)
A/D sampling 16 times/s
Display section Dot matrix type liquid crystal display
(With back light LED type)
Function on setting program No. of files 20 files at maximum
Setting contents
1. Young rate, 2. Diameter of tie-bar(Round bar)
3. Decimal point position, 4. Unit(kN, MN)
Tie bar analog output  
Analog output Tie-bar output : 4,
Tie-bar average output : 1 (BNC connector)
Output 0 V ~ }2 V (Load resistance 10 kƒΆor less)
Accuracy 0.5 %F.S. (Resolution 1/2 000)
Specification of measurement  
Measuring target Tie-bar gage (350 ƒΆtype)
No. of measurement 4 sets at maximum(one pair)
Measuring range }15 000 μst
Resolution 1 μst
Accuracy }0.1 %F.S.}1 digit
Operating temp./humidity range

Temperature 0 Ž ~ 50 Ž, Humidity 85 %RHor less(Non condensing)

Power supply voltage AC90 V to 264 V(when using AC adapter), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 8 VA
Battery drive time Approx. 4 hours(when connecting 4 sets of tie bar gage)
Outline dimensions (WxHxD) 220 mmx160 mmx49 mm(excludes protruding parts)

Approx. 1.8 kg

CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
TSD-591 (336KB) No.382591 (64KB) No.EN294-1157-G (805KB)
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