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Tiebar Gage Measurement System

Guide for tie bar gage TGS series

` Sensor UX010 is option.
* Tie bar is only for picture.
  • ・ Applicable for control and limitter of the tightening force and pressing force.
  • ・ Possible to install it in the tie bar at any time.
  • ・ All additional workers to the tie bar are unnecessary.
  • ・ Light weight and possible to install in a little space
P/No. UX010
P/No. of ring
TGS-*** *** : Diameter of tie bar
  EX : 080→80 mm
    155→155 mm
Applied diameter 40 mm ~ 200 mm
Material Attachment of tie bar gage : Alluminum
Mounting belt : Stainless steel
Other : Alloy steel
Mounting bolt for tie bar gage (6本)
(When the tie bar gage is purchased at the same taime, it will ship after mounting the tie bar gage.)
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
--- No.1231441 (375KB)
No.KX90697-2A (257KB)
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