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Strain Gage

Static Strain Digital Indicator PSD-704

PSD - 704
  • E   Indicator for strain gage or strain gage applied transducer
    E   Check strain gage based transducers in mV/V.
    E   Measure I/O resistance of strain gage based transducers. Insulation resistance between main body and each cable wire is also available.
    E   Applied RS-232C interface as a standard.
Bridge power supply DC 2V}0.02 V Within 35 mA
Target for measurement Strain measurement, Measurement on output of strain gage applied transducer, Meadurement on resistance value.
Measuring method Deflection method
(under measuring on strain or output of strain gage application)
Temperature efficient Zero point }0.2 μst/, Sensitivity }0.01 %F.S./
(After 15 min. of warming up time with the range of x1)
Efficient due to time Zero point }0.2 μst/8 h, Sensitivity }0.01 %F.S./8 h
(Temperature variation within }2 oC with the range of x1)
A/D sampling 4 times/s
Display Dot matrix type liquid crystal display (with back light LED type)
Specification for strain measurement @  
Measuring method 1 gage 2 wire method
Strain Gage : 120 , 240 , 350
1 gage 3 wire method
Strain Gage : 120 , 240 , 350
2 gage method
Strain Gage : 60 to 1 000
4 gage method iStrain gage applied transducerj
Strain Gage : 60 to 1 000
Measuring range x1 range : }40 000 μst
4GH range : }3.500 0 mV/V
(}7 000.0 μst)
i4 gage method, Only for strain gage applied transducerj
Resolution x1range : 1 μst
4GHrange : 0.000 1 mV/V(0.1 μst)
i4 gage method, Only for strain gage applied transducerj
Accuracy x1range : }0.08 %F.S.}1 digit
4GHrange : }0.08 %F.S.}2 digit
i4 gage method, Only for strain gage applied transducer)
Operating temp./humidity range Temperature 0 to 50 , Humidity 85 %RHor less(Non condensing)
Power supply voltage AC90 V to 264 V (in the usage of AC adapter) 50/60 Hz
or battery drive by Ni-Cd battery.
Power consumption Approx. 8 VAiWhen AC adapter is used.j
Outline dimensions(WxHxD) 210 mmx148.5 mmx40 mm(excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 1.7 kg
Hard case
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
PSD-704 (412KB) No.EN382704-H (211KB) No.EN294-1102-I (1,886KB)
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