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Strain Gage
DAS-406B DC type dynamic strain amplifier DAS-406C
Frequency characteristic : DC ~ 200 kHz, Optional standard equivalent strain setting using 4 digit switch and 3 digit and 1/2 digital display
DSA-631 Dynamic strain amplifier DSA-631
Equipped the wire length correcting function and open circuit check function. High sensitivity and high gain. Excellent visibility and operativeness.
PSC-350 Precision calibrator PSC-350
350 ohm precision calibrator, The output can be calibrated by connecting this unit to a digital indicator, a transmitter, or dynamic strain instrumentation, etc., for strain gage based transducers.
PSD-704 Digital static strain amplifier PSD-704
Easily check output of strain gage based transducers in mV/V. Also measure I/O resistance of strain gage based transducers. Insulation resistance between main body and each cable wire is also available.