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Parts No.ProductsXg
CAD data (DXF) Specifications (PDF) Instruction Manual(PDF)
Extension use junction box B - 304B
B-304B-A (626KB) / B-304B-B (619KB)
KX52415-2-ENG (322KB)
Explosion proof type summing box B - 304Z
B-304Z-C (97KB) / B-304Z-P (58KB)
B-304Z-*-C No.EN353304Z-C-G (214KB), B-304Z-*-P No.EN353304Z-P (170KB)
Small size summing type junction box B-307
B-307-* (76KB)
No.353307 (137KB)
Explosion proof storage case for digital indicator B-309Z
B-309Z (141KB) / B-309Z-90-92 (103KB)
No.EN353309Z-G (200KB)
Load cell for commercial scale BCL-A
BCL-*-A (60KB)
(General spec.) No.214081 (41KB), (OIML spec./-C3) No.KT52073-2-D (428KB)
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Center hole type C1W1M
C1W1M-6T, 8T-S01 (31KB) / C1W1M-15T, 20T-S01 (31KB) / C1W1M-34T, 50T-S01 (31KB)
No.KT53522-2 (114KB)
Beam Type C2B1B (-C3)
C2B1B-250K (29KB) / C2B1B-2T (29KB)
(General Spec.) No.KT52635-2-E (178KB), (OIML spec./-C3) KT53390-2-A (168KB)
No.ENKT60242-1-M (159KB)
Load cell for commercial scale C2D1
C2D1-100K (38KB) / C2D1-600K (32KB)
C2D1-100K ~ 450K : No.K102872-2 (182KB), C2D1-600K~800K : K102970-2 (173KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale C2G1 - A
C2G1-*-A (70KB)
(General spec.) No.KT52301-2-D (120KB), (OIML spec./-C3) No.KT52082-2-J (430KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for platform scale C2T1 - A
C2T1-300K-A (26KB) / C2T1-600K-A (26KB) / C2T1-1T-A (26KB) / C2T1-2T-A (26KB) /
C2T1-3T-A (26KB) / C2T1-4T-A (26KB) / C2T1-7T (24KB)
C2T1-300K~4T-A No.KT51766-2 (147KB), C2T1-7T No.KT53152-2 (134KB)
No.ENKT60246-1.pdf (53KB)
Beam Type C3B1 (-NS)
C3B1-200K~1T-NS (29KB), C3B1-2T~5T-NS (29KB)
(General spec./-NS) No.K507309-2-I (168KB), (OIML Spec.) No.KT53058-2-c (178KB)
No.ENKT60242-1-M (159KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB004
CB004-* (46KB)
(General spec.) No.KT51828-2-C (54KB), (OIML spec./-C4) No.KT52477-2-D (82KB),
(OIML spec./-C6) No.KT52075-2-F (80KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB004S
CB004S-* (46KB)
(General spec.) No.KT52861-2-A (82KB), (OIML spec.) No.KT53248-2-A (79KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB14 - 21
CB14-*-21 (44KB)
(General spec.) No.K507319-2 (58KB), (OIML spec.) No.KT52077-2-E (84KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB17 - 11
CB17-*-11 (39KB)
No.KT51855-2-B (379KB)
Beam Type CBE1 - * (-C3)
CBE1-5K (69KB) / CBE1-100K (63KB)
(General Spec) No.KT52643-2 (149KB), (OIML standard) No.KT53389-2-B (178KB)
No.ENKT60242-1-M (159KB)
Double convex type CC002
CC002 (49KB), Mounting attachment AIC-005B (142KB)
No.KT52871-2 (179KB)
No.ENKT60246-1.pdf (53KB)
Double convex canister type CC010 - * (-NS)
CC010-500K (35KB) / CC010-2T (34KB) / CC010-5T (34KB) / CC010-10T (39KB) / CC010-50T (34KB)
(General spec.) KT53425-2-B (183KB), (OIML spec.) No.KT52123-2-A (156KB)
Mounting Attachment AIC-035B-S No.N216113 (103KB), AIC-035B No.EN216114 (102KB
Check-Rod method mounting attachment CCACBE1-CS
CCACBE1-1S (67KB), CCACBE1-2S (62KB)
No.KT54806-2 (106KB)
No.EN294-1352 (232KB)
Check rod method mounting attachment CCA-CC002
No.216075 (49KB)
No.293-1010 (240KB)
Check rod method mounting attachment CCA-CC010B (-S)
CCACC010-3B(S) (80KB), CCACC010-6B(S) (80KB), CCACC010-12B(S) (80KB), CCACC010-30B(S) (80KB)
No.216104 (214KB), No.216105 (175KB)
No.EN294-1365A (430KB)
Check rod method mounting attachment CCA-CMP1
CCA-CMP1-250K/2T-S (155KB), CCA-CMP1-5T-S (165KB), CCA-CMP1-10T-S (150KB)
CCA-CMP1-20T-S (174KB)
No.216086 (74KB)
No.293-1002 (524KB)
Accurate Compression type CCP1 (A)
CCP1-50K (39KB) / CCP1A-200K (40KB) / CCP1-300K (41KB) / CCP1-2T (41KB) / CCP1-10T (41KB)
/ CCP1-20T (42KB)
No.211011-1 (60KB)
Explosion proofed canister type CCP1-Z
CCP1-200K-Z (44KB) / CCP1-2T-Z (44KB) / CCP1-10T-Z (42KB) / CCP1-20T-Z (42KB)
CCP1-200K~1T (47KB) / CCP1-2T~30T (56KB)
High overload capacity compression type CCR1(B)
CCR1B-500K (30KB) / CCR1-5T (30KB) / CCR1-20T (29KB)
No.211301 (50KB)
High capacity compression type CCS1
CCS1-50T (30KB) / CCS1-100T (36KB) / CCS1-200T (35KB) / CCS1-300T (35KB)
KT52282-2 (77KB)
Force sensor CF054
No.KT52520-2-B (102KB)
Force sensor CF059
No.KT52620-2-D (77KB)
Tension type for crane CL-B
CL-5T-B (42KB) / CL-10T-B (42KB) / CL-20T-B (41KB) / CL-30T-B (40KB) / CL-40T-B (41KB)
/ CL-50T-B (40KB)
No.KT51605-2 (177KB)
No.ENKT60249-1.pdf (37KB)
Miniture type load cell CM085
cm085.dxf (54KB)
No.KT53210-2 (181KB)
No.KT60101-1 (117KB)
Compact / Compression type CMM1/CMM1J/CMM1R
CMM1-* (33KB)
No.KT52998-2-C (142KB), CMM1R-50K ~ 2T No.KT53158-2-B (140KB), CMM1J-50K ~ 2T No.KT53188-2-B (168KB)
Cable for CMM1J (RC019-6M) No.KT53192-1-B (46KB)
No.KT60244-1-I (135KB)
Accurate Compression type CMP1
CMP1-250K (28KB) / CMP1-10T (28KB) / CMP1-20T (28KB)
No.KT51168-2 (66KB)
Transmitter CSA-503C
CSA-503C (255KB)
No.351503D (165KB)
No.294-1041 (816KB)
PC Board type transmitter CSA-504S
CSA-504SB (201KB) / CSA-504S-1B (51KB)
CSA-504SB No.351504SB (47KB) / CSA-504S-1B No.351504S-1B (115KB)
CSA-504SB No.EN294-1012 (1 408KB) / CSA-504S-1B No.EN294-1065 (669KB)
Transmitter CSA-507C
CSA-507B (154KB)
No.EN351507C (44KB)
No.EN294-1459-B (681KB)
P.C.Board type transmitter CSA-521
CSA-521 (107KB)
No.351521 (185KB)
No.EN294-1145-G (411KB)
Transmitter CSA-522B
CSA-522B (213KB)
No.351522B (213KB)
No.294-1348 (518KB)
PC board type transmitter CSA-524
csa524.dxf (92KB)
No.EN351524 (103KB)
No.EN294-1301 (281KB)
PC board type transmitter CSA-528
CSA-528 (171KB)A CSA-528-80-2 (447KB)A CSA-528-80-4 (621KB)
No.EN351528 (232KB)
No.EN294-1471 (554KB)
Transmitter CSA-561B for transformer method torque transducer (448KB)
No.351561B-B (190KB)
No.EN294-1711-C (4,200KB)
Transmitter CSA-562B for optical transmission method torque transducer
CSA-562B (162KB)
No.351562 (67KB)
No.EN294-1170-F (477KB)
Transmitter CSA-591
CSA-591 (250KB)
No.382591-E (64KB)
No.EN294-1141-F (456KB)
Transmitter CSA-592
CSA-592 (83KB)
Transmitter CSA-593
CSA-593 (2,210KB)
No.351593 (134KB)
No.EN294-1151 (312KB)
Digital indicator CSD-401
CSD-401 (744KB)
No.EN382401 (73KB)
No.EN294-1366 (1,500KB)
PC board type digital indicator CSD-581-15, CSD-581-74
CSD-581-15 (241KB) / CSD-581-74 (238KB)
CSD-581-15 No.382581-15 (74KB) / CSD-581-74 No.382581-74 (69KB)
CSD-581-15 No.294-1107-M (1,046KB) / CSD-581-74 No.294-1108-J (1,187KB)
Digital transmittor CSD-594
csd594.dxf (697KB)
No.EN382594 (143KB)
No.EN294-1333 (417KB)
Digital indicator CSD-701B
CSD-701B (432KB)
No.EN382701B (104KB)
No.EN294-1127-P (2,947KB)
Digital peak holder CSD-709
CSD-709 (437KB)
No.EN382709 (183KB)
No.EN294-1742-E (4,002KB), Chinese No.CN294-1742 (3,909KB), Start guide No.EN294-1768 (2,976KB)
Supplementary for CC-Link interface No.EN294-1701 (460KB)
Digital indicator CSD-814B
CSD-814B (744KB)
No.EN382814B-I (246KB)
No.EN294-1213-K (2,6041KB)
Digital indicator CSD-815B
CSD-815B (542KB)
No.EN382815B (127KB)
No.EN294-1434-H (3,090KB), with CC-Link interface No.EN294-1435 (290KB)
Digital peak holder CSD-819C
CSD-819C (480KB)
No.382819C- (337KB)
No.EN294-1240-I (2,854KB), (Voltage power supply) No.EN294-1250 (262KB)
Built-in control panel type digital indicator CSD-891B
CSD-891B (388KB)
No.382891B (109KB)
No.EN294-1143-M (2,190KB) for CC-Link interface, No.EN294-1146 (219KB)
Digital conversion module CSD-892 series (770KB)A (923KB)A (754KB)A (808KB)
CSD-892-07-25 No.EN382892-07-25-D (154KB), CSD-892-73 No.EN382892-73-E (159KB),
CSD-892-74 No.EN382892-74-C (161KB), CSD-892-76 No.EN382892-76-C (167KB),
Instruction manual
[CSD-892-73] No. EN294-1540-J (6,018KB), < in Chinese> No. CN294-1540-D (4,446KB),
[CSD-892-07-25] No.EN294-1645-B (4,117KB), [CSD-892-74/76] No.EN294-1627-B (4,049KB),
Start Guide
[CSD-892-07-25] No.EN294-1644-B (2,116KB), [CSD-892-73] No.EN294-1552-D (3,796 KB),
[CSD-892-74] No.EN294-1625-B (2,961KB), [CSD-892-76] No.EN294-1626-B (2,772KB),
USB driver install manual No.EN294-1569-A (215 KB)
Digital indicator CSD-903 (2,963KB)
No.EN382903-EX-H (271KB)
No.EN294-1492-K (5,195 KB), Chinese No.CN294-1492 (3,529KB),
CSD-903-73 for CC-Link I/F No.EN294-1499 (392KB)
Digital indicator CSD-904
CSD-904 (831KB)
No.EN382904-EX-J (262KB)
No.EN294-1185-M (2,180KB)
Graphic Digital indicator CSD-912B-EX
CSD-912B (603KB)
No.EN382912B-EX (318KB)
No.EN294-1764-D (11,220KB), CSD-912B-70 for PROFIBUS interface No.EN294-1796 (167 KB)
CSD-912B-73 for CC-Link interface No.EN294-1795 (301 KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1764-B (11,226KB)
Low profile shear-web type CWV1
CWV1-2T (38KB), CWV1-5T (39KB), CWV1-10T (39KB), CWV1-20T (41KB),
CWV1-50T (66KB), CWV1-100T (68KB)
No.KT53644-2 (162KB)
No.ENKT60251-1.pdf (49KB)
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DC type dynamic strain amplifier DAS-406C (447KB)
No.EN341406C (164KB)
No.EN294-1713 (3,460KB)
Double convex type digital load cell DC002
DC002-10T~30T (224KB), DC002-40T (208KB), Mounting attachment AIC-005B (142KB)
No.KT52892-2 (214KB)
No.ENKT60708-1 (132KB)
Digital moment limitter DML-802B
DML-802B (894KB)
No.383802 (321KB)
No.EN294-1379-D (1,967KB)
Dynamic strain amplifier DSA-631
DSA-631 (229KB)
No.EN361631 (195KB)
No.EN294-1320 (1,034KB)
Communication software EzCTS
No.382EzCTS (338KB)
294-1493 (1,151KB)
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Flexible stop method mounting attachment FCA-CC010(-S)
FCACC010-3B(S) (100KB), FCACC010-6B(S) (90KB), FCACC010-12B(S) (82KB)
FCA-CC010-*B No.216107 (252KB), FCA-CC010-*B-S] No.216108 (250KB)
No.EN294-1364-F (527KB)
Flexible stop method mounting attachment FCA-CCP1
FCA-CCP1-200K/1T (49KB), FCA-CCP1-2T/5T (44KB), FCA-CCP1-10T (45KB), FCA-CCP1-20T (61KB)
No.216073 (79KB)
No.293-1002 (524KB)
Flexible stop method mounting attachment FCA-CMM1/CMP1-S
FCA-CMM1-50K/2T-S (48KB), FCA-CMP1-250K/2T-S (48KB), FCA-CMP1-5T-S (40KB)
FCA-CMP1-10T-S (53KB), FCA-CMP1-20T-S (91KB)
No.216072 (151KB)
FCA-CMM1-50K/2T-S No. EN293-1001-E (98KB), FCA-CMP1-250K/2T-S No.EN293-1007-E (98KB),
FCA-CMP1-5T, -10T-S No.EN293-1003-E (97KB), FCA-CMP1-20T-S No.EN293-1017-D (101KB)
Force sensor FSA
No.K503264-2-E (70KB)
Force sensor FSI
FSI-2K No. K505108-2-H (138KB), FSI-10K No. K504103-2-I (146KB), FSI-20K No. K505109-2-J (142KB)
No.ENKT60248-1.pdf (34KB)
Force sensor FSU
No.KT52811-2-B (94KB)
No.ENKT60248-1.pdf (34KB)
Force sensor FSV
FSV-100G No.KT506776-2-F (84KB), FSV-300G No.K506777-2-E (83KB)
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Miniture size load cell LSM - B
LSM-500G`5K-B (23KB) / LSM-10K, 20K (23KB) / LSM-50K (23KB) / LSM-100K (23KB) / LSM-500K-B (19KB)
LSM-500G ~ -100K-B No.KT50534-2 (125KB), LSM-500K ~ 2T-B KT52768-2 (116KB)
LSM-500G`100K-B-U No.KT53426-2 (122KB)
Miniture size load cell LSMS
LSMS-20KG ~ 50K (94KB)
KT52793-2-F (365KB)
Force sensor LSMS-*-S06 / LSMSB-*
LSMS-20K/50K-S06 (292KB), LSMS-100K-S06 (202KB), LSMS-200K-S06 (207KB), LSMS-500K-S06 (204KB), LSMS-1T-S06 (210KB), LSMS-3T-S06 (339KB), LSMSB-20K/50K (137KB), LSMSB-100K (111KB)
LSMS-20K/50K-S06 No.KT53854-2-G (469KB), LSMS-100K-S06 No.KT53948-2-E (462KB)
LSMS-200K`3T-S06 No.KT54547-2-G (490KB), LSMSB-20K~100K No.KT55205-2-E (547KB)
Load Test Stand LTS series
LTS-200NB-1kNB (1,116KB)
No.ENLTS4150-B (291KB)
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Mold cavity pressure and temperature measurement amplifier MIS-202-PT/PP (1,067KB)
No.EN382202 (691KB)
No.EN294-1906 (3,759KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1906 (3,889KB), in Korean No.KN294-1906 (4,252KB)
Relay box MIS-304-P for pressure sensor and MIS-202-PP (1,079KB)
No.EN353304P (543KB)
No.EN294-1920-A (242KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1920-A (300KB), in Korean No.KN294-1920-A (383KB)
Relay box MIS-304-T for temperature sensor and MIS-202-PT (1,079KB)
No.EN353304T (489KB)
No.EN294-1920-A (242KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1920-A (300KB), in Korean No.KN294-1920-A (383KB)
Temperature sensor MMTK-01 for mold cavity
MMTK-01 (122KB)
KT54821-2 (71KB)
KT60931-1 (236KB)
Mold pressure conversion module MPC-201B-25 (418KB)
No.EN382201B-25 (305KB)
No.EN294-1889 (3,933KB)
Relay box MPC-308B (1,625KB)
No.EN382308B (234KB)
No.EN294-1889 (4,219KB)
Vector Sensor MX020 series
No.KT52612-2 (151KB)
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High-accuracy, Negative/Absolute pressure use NS100A series
NS100A (43KB)
No.KS50890-2 (121 KB)
No.KS60030-1 (355KB)
High temperature type for compound pressure measurement NS10T series
NS10T-200KP to -50MP (30KB)
No.KS50865-2 (130KB)
High-accuracy, Negative/Absolute pressure use NS115P/NS115 series
NS115 (36KB), NS115P (42KB)
NS115P (Accurate type) No.KS50700 (145KB), Standard No.KS50473 (52KB)
High temperature type for compound pressure measurement NS30T series
NS30T-200KP`-10MP (30KB)
No.KS50866 (130KB)
Compact size and High-accuracy type NS320 series
No.KS51078-2 (151KB)
KS60202-1 (197KB)
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Transmitter for optical transmission method torque transducer OPT-563B (999KB)
No.351563B (140KB)
No.294-1596 (1,870KB), Simple instruction No.EN294-1723 (756KB), <in Chinese> No.CN294-1723 (696KB)
for PROFIBUS No.EN294-1633 (184KB), for CANOpen No.EN294-1634 (160KB)
Transmitter for optical transmission method torque transducer OPT-564New Product (545KB)
No.351564 (469KB)
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High reliability standard type PRB series
PRB-1MP ~ 10MP (14KB), PRB-20MP ~ 50MP (14KB), PRB-100MP (14KB)
PRB-1MP ~ 10MP No.KT50839-2 (112KB), PRB-20MP ~ 50MP No.KT50840-2 (109KB),
PRB-100MP No.KT50841-2 (107KB)
Small and high responce type PRC series
PRC-1MP ~ 50MP (11KB), PRC-100MP (11KB)
No.KT50842-2 (125KB)
Small type for high / low temperature measurement PRJ series
PRJ-1MP ~ 5MP (18KB), PRJ-10MP (18KB)
No.221032 (38KB)
High endurance type PRN01 / PRN02 seriess
< Mounting screw G{PF} > EPRN01 (43KB), EPRN02 (36KB)
< Mounting screw R{PT} > EPRN01 (43KB), EPRN02 (36KB)
PRN01 No.KT51588 (66KB) / PRN02 No.KT51783 (61KB)
Flash diaphragm type PRO series
PRO (41KB)
No.KS50797-2 (66KB)
Precision calibrator PSC-350
PSC-350 (274KB)
No.362350 (192KB)
No.EN294-1104-E (3,929KB)
Digital static strain amplifier PSD-704
PSD-704 (412KB)
No.382704 (135KB)
No.EN294-1102-I (1,886KB)
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Rocker pin method mounting attachment RCA-C2B1B-S
RCA-C2B1B-200K~1T-S (51KB), RCA-C2B1B-2T-S (51KB)
No.EN216117 (186KB)
No.EN293-1025 (288KB)
Rocker pin method mounting attachment RCA-C3B1
RCA-C3B1-200K/1T (48KB), RCA-C3B1-2T/5T (40KB)
No.EN216034 (53KB)
No.EN293-1004E (274KB)
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Summing type junction box SB-310/320
SB-310-A (70KB) / SB-310-B (74KB)
SB-310 No. EN353310-9 (195KB), SB-320 No. EN353320-5 (195KB)
SB-310-* No.EN294-1066-B (212KB), SB-320-* No.EN294-1085-A (244KB)
Summing type junction box SB-321
SB-321 (109KB)
No.123-1525 (188KB)
No.294-1662-E (274KB)
Steel ball method mounting attachment SCA-CMM1/CMP1(-S)
SCA-CMM1-50K/2T (51KB), SCA-CMP1-250K/5T, 10T (67KB), SCA-CMP1-250K/5T, 10T-S (33KB)
SCA-CMP1-20T-S (48KB)
No.216074 (119KB)
No.293-1008 (232KB)
Data processing software SR-*
(Standard software)
TGE No.4960-001 (199KB) / TG No.4943-001 (166KB) / TG-B No.4945-001 (44KB)
(Software for peel test)
TGE No.4960-002 (406KB) / TG No.4943-002 (166KB) / LTS No.4961-002 (204KB)
High pressure type STD series
STD-200MP ~ 400MP(14KB), STD-500MP (14KB)
STD-200MP~400MP No.KT51837-2 (143KB), STD-500MP No.KT51838-2
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Compact tension type T3B1
T3B1-20K (52KB) / T3B1-100K (52KB) / T3B1-200K (52KB) / T3B1-2T (36KB) / T3B1-5T (36KB)
T3B1-20K~1T No.K900562-2 (160KB), T3B1-2T, 5T No.KT51788-2 (143KB)
No.ENKT60247-1.pdf (77KB)
Acurate tension type TCP1
TCP1-50K (37KB) / TCP1A-200K (69KB) / TCP1-300K (38KB) / TCP1-2T (74KB) / TCP1-10T (39KB)/
TCP1-20T (39KB)
No.KT52344-2 (169KB)
No.ENKT60253-1.pdf (34KB)
TG-250kN (1.3MB) / TG-100kN (1.3MB) / TG-50kN (1.1MB) / TG-20kN (1.1MB) / TG-10kN (1.1MB)
/ TG-5kN (1.1MB) / TG-2kN (1.1MB) / TG-1kN (1.1MB) / TG-500N (1.1MB)
TG-250kN (122KB) / TG-100kN (93KB) / TG-50kN (90KB) / TG-20kN (90KB) / TG-10kN (94KB)
TG-5kN (92KB) / TG-2kN (102KB) / TG-1kN (93KB) / TG-500N (90KB)
Data processing software TgAnest
No.EN4990-001-E (211KB)
Reference manual No.EN294-1507 (5,490KB), Manual for analysis items No.N294-1506 (1,567KB)
TGE-10kN (769KB) / TGE-5kN (769KB) / TGE-1kN (768KB) / TGE-500N (769KB) / TGE-200N (769KB)
TGE-10kN No.TGE4103 (67KB), TGE-50kN No.TGE4105 (257KB)
TGI-500N No.ENTGI4122 (220KB), TGI-10kN No.ENTGI4103 (227KB), TGI-50kN No.ENTGI4105 (247KB),
TGI-100kN No.ENTGI4111 (248KB), TGI-250kN No.ENTGI4113 (245KB)
TGJ-250kN No.ENTGJ4113 (208KB), TGJ-100kN No. ENTGJ4111 (474KB), TGJ-50kN No. ENTGJ4105 (459KB),
TGJ-20kN No. ENTGJ4104 (460KB), TGJ-10kN No. ENTGJ4103 (459KB), TGJ-5kN No. ENTGJ4102 (459KB),
TGJ-2kN No. ENTGJ4101 (498KB), TGJ-1kN No. ENTGJ4123 (449KB), TGJ-500N No. ENTGJ4122 (449KB),
TGJ-200N No. ENTGJ4121 (439KB)
Ring for tie bar gage TGR
No.240002 (137KB)
EN293-1021 (223KB)
Guide for tie bar gage TGS
No.1231441 (375KB)
No.KX90697-2A (257KB)
Low capacity TMBN series
No.KT231022-B (40KB)
No.KT60306-1 (52KB)
Digital indicator for tension meter TMD-100
TMD-100 (1,311KB)
No.382100 (104KB)
No.294-1181 (2,196KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMHFB series
TMHFB-500NM ~ 1KNM (230KB), TMHFB-2KNM~3KNM (240KB), TMHFB-5KNM (218KB), TMHFB-10KNM (213KB)
TMHFB-100NM ~ 200NM No. KT54155-2-A (201KB), TMHFB-500NM ~ 1KNM No. KT52536-2-B (200KB),
TMHFB-2KNM~3KNM No. KT52537-2-A (240KB), TMHFB-5KNM No. KT52538-2-A (218KB),
TMHFB-10KNM No. KT53934-2 (213KB)
Power conversion box DBX-001 for connecting with OPT-563B EN353DBX001(113KB)
Cable CAC-169A-10M/-20M No.KT52476-1 (45KB)
Cable CAC-169B-30M No.KT52587-1 (45KB)
No.KT60442-1 (373KB), < Chinese> No.KT60442-1 (411KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMHS series
TMHS-100NM`300NM (170KB), TMHS-500NM (166KB), TMHS-1KNM (199KB)
with detector for rotation speed and rotational direction RPM
TMHS-100NM`300NM (1,307KB), TMHS-500NM (1,326KB), TMHS-1KNM (1,347KB)
No. KT53353-2-C (197KB)
Detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM No.KT53457-2 (437KB)
Cable CAC-176B-*M No.KT53506-1 (47KB)
No.KT60558-1 (154KB), < Chinese > No.KT60558-1 (992KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMHSA series
TMHSA-100NM`300NM (650KB), TMHSA-500NM (627KB), TMHSA-1KNM (634KB), TMHSA-2~3KNM (559KB), TMHSA-5KNM (564KB)
with detector for rotation speed and rotational direction RPM
TMHSA-100NM`300NM (1,336KB), TMHSA-500NM (1,326KB), TMHSA-1KNM (1,347KB), TMHS-2KNM ~ 3KNM (1,346KB), TMHSA-5KNM (1,920KB)
No. KT54341-2-D (379KB)
Rotation detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM
No.KT53515-2-C (1,048KB)
Cable CAC-176C-*M
No.T54323-1 (95KB)
No.EN294-1806-C (577KB), Chinese : No.CN294-1806 (717KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMHSB series New Product
TMHSB-100NM`300NM (1,128KB), TMHSB-500NM (1,094KB), TMHSB-1KNM (1,101KB), TMHSB-2~3KNM (1,026KB), TMHSB-5KNM (1,034KB)
with detector for rotation speed and rotational direction RPM
TMHSB-100NM`300NM (2,231KB), TMHSB-500NM (2,255KB), TMHSB-1KNM (2,268KB), TMHSB-2KNM ~ 3KNM (2,292KB), TMHSB-5KNM (2,807KB)
No. KT54835-2-D (412KB)
Rotation detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM
No.KT53515-2-D (1,991KB)
Cable CAC-176D-*M
No.KT54839-2 (55KB)
No.EN294-1860-B (677KB), Chinese : No.CN294-1860-B (881KB)
Rotary transformer method TMNR series
TMNR-10NM`50NM (32KB), TMNR-100NM, 200NM (31KB), TMNR-500NM, 1KNM (30KB),
TMNR-10NM~50NM No.KT53905-2 (126KB), TMNR-100NM,200NM No.KT53906-2 (121KB),
TMNR-500NM,1KNM No.KT53907-2 (120KB), TMNR-2KNM~5KNM No.KT53908-2 (125KB),
TMNR-10KNM No. KT53909-2(118KB)
No.K900404-1 (189KB)
Rotary transformer method TMNR-ME series
TMNR-500NME ~ 2KNME (182KB), TMNR-3KNME (154KB), TMNR-5KNM (152KB)
No.KT51750-2 (282KB)
No.KT60179-1 (247KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMOFB series
TMOFB-500NM ~ 3KNM (69KB), TMOFB-5KNM (65KB)
TMOFB-500NM~3KNM (233KB), TMOFB-5KNM (230KB)
No.KT60443-1 (141 KB), < Chinese> No.KT60443-1 (423KB)
Power conversion box DBX-001 for connecting with OPT-563B EN294-1629 (281KB)
Optical transmission method TMOS series
No.KT51993-2 (93KB)
Conpact type torque transducer TMR010 series
TMR010-5NM/-10NM (278KB)
No.KT53201-2 (113KB)
Digital indicator TSD-591
TSD-591 (336KB)
No.382591 (64KB)
No.EN294-1157-G (805KB)
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Load cell for commercial scale U2D1
U2D1-3K (47KB) / U2D1-25K (47KB) / U2D1-100K (47KB)
(General spec.) No.KT54990-2(223KB), (OIML spec.) U2D1-6K~20K-C3 No.KT52084-2-E (395KB),
U2D1-25K-C3 No.KT52085-2-E (372KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Compact compression / Tension type U3B1 - B
U3B1-20K (82KB) / U3B1-100K (82KB) / U3B1-200K (82KB)
No.K102767-2 (157KB)
S-Beam Type U2S1
U2S1-200K~1T (26KB), U3S1-2T-NS (25KB)
No.KT52709-2 (139KB), U2S1-*-C3 No.KT53538-2 (137KB)
Beam Type U3C1
U3C1.dxf (67KB)
No.KT50266-2 (75KB)
S-Beam Type U3S1-NS
U3S1-100K-NS (27KB) / U3S1-200K-NS (26KB) / U3S1-2T-NS (25KB) / U3S1-5T-NS (25KB)
No.KT53431-2 (139KB)
No.ENKT60247-1.pdf (77KB)
Small capacity bending beam type UL/ULA
UL-2GR (50KB) / UL-10GR`100GR (47KB)
UL-2GR No.KT51998-2 (137KB)A ULA-10GR~100GR No.KT52743-2 (146KB)
No.ENKT60243-1-H.pdf (70KB)
Compact compression / Tension type UMM1 / UMM1R / UMM1J
UMM1-* (51KB)
No.KT51616-2 (118KB), Robot cable type No.KT53167-2 (119KB)A Connector type No.KT53253-2 (132KB)
No.ENKT60244-1.pdf (44KB)
Small capacity bending beam type UTA
UT-100GR`2K (45KB)
No.KT52881-2 (151KB)
No.ENKT60243-1-H.pdf (70KB)
Low profile share-web type UWV1
UWV1-2T (34KB) / UWV1-5T (34KB) / UWV1-10T (35KB) / UWV1-20T (36KB) / UWV1-50T (62KB) /
UWV1-100T (64KB)
No.KT52997-2-A (183KB)
Tie bar gage UX010
UX010 (23KB) / UX010LB (29KB)
UX010 No.KT51907-2 (92KB) / UX010LB No.KT51908-2 (91KB)
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Zener barrier Z961/Z964 (before 2011 / Z961-TC20162/Z964-TC20163 (after 2012)
Z961/Z964 (30KB)
Z961 : No.EN3538908A (53KB), Z964 : No.EN3538909A (59KB),
Z961-TC20162 No.3538912 (89KB), Z961-TC20163 No.3538913 (96KB)
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