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Mold cavity pressure measuring system

Molding pressure conversion module MPC-201B-25CE mark applied product.

Mold cavity pressure conversion module MPC-201-25
  • E   A special conversion module of 8-channels input that measures the mold cavity pressure of the injection molding machine.
    E   Relay box MPC-308B is prepared as an option. That is convenient for wiring between the amplifier and the sensor built into the metal mold of the injection molding machine.
    * Relay cable FA401-541-*M also as an option is required to use MPC-308B.
    E   The pressure value is watched on the condition set beforehand, and the result is output as an alarm signal.
    E   Forward the pressure value waveform converted into the analog voltage to the molding machine.
    E   The real time waveform of the pressure value is displayed, stored, read out, analyzed, and set variously by using the attached application software of a personal computer.
    E   CE mark applied product. mark applied product.
< Analog input >  
Bridge power supply DC5 V}0.25 V within 20 mA (per one channel)
Applicable sensor LSMS-20K-S06ALSMS-50K-S06, LSMS-100K-S06, LSMS-200K-S06, LSMS-500K-S06, LSMS-1T-S06, LSMS-3T-S06,
(350 Ω, 1 unit/channel)
Numbers of input points

Up to 8 points

Input range -0.1 mV/V ~ 0.8 mV/V
Zero adjustment range Adjustable between -0.1 mV/V ` 0.7 mV/V using zero set function
Accuracy ±2.0 %F.S.
Sampling interval 10 ms for each channel
(Changeable to 0.5 ms, 1 ms, 2 ms, 5 ms, 20 ms or 50 ms.)
A/D internal resolution 16 bit
Analog filter Approx. 500 Hz
< Analog output >  
Numbers of outputs 8 points
Output voltage DC0 V ` 10 V
Load resistance 5 kوȏγ
Resolution 1/12 000 or more
Output frequency Synchronized with A/D sampling rate.
Over range Approx. 11 V at 110 % or more of the rated pressure.
Approx. -1 V at -10% or less of the rated pressure
< Digital specifications >  
Measurement range 0 MPa ` 999.99 MPa (Conversion value from pressure receiving area)
< Various functions >  
Set of measurement condition Set of sensor, Set of measuring time, Input signal set of START,
Delay time set of START and Protruding detection time set
ALARM function set Effective/Invalid set of channel, ALARM output signal set,
Watch frame condition set (Area watch, Watch at the peak, Watch at (t) second later, Set of integral value condition (Watch integral value, Watch at the peak arrival time
Set of alarm reset ALARM RESET time set, ALARM RESET signal set
USB interface Conformed to USB Specification 2.0/1.1, Mini$USB B$type connector (Female)
* Installation of the attached special driver software for PC is required.
Special application software for PC MIP-D-02
Waveform display function Sequential waveforms, Overlay waveform), Measurement processing function, Peak pressure display,
Integral value display, Counter of shot number, Measurement condition setting function, Set of analog voltage output, Data storing function, ALARM judgement function, Data Processing function, Check function, Statistical process function, Screen printing capability, Password function
< General Specifications >  
Operating temp./
humidity range
Temperature -10 Ž`50 Ž
Humidity 85 %RH or less (Non Condensing)
Stored temperature range -20 Ž ` 60 Ž
Vibration resistance 10 ~ 55 Hz double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours for each direction of X, Y or Z.
Power supply Power supply voltage: DC24 V (Available variable range DC20.4 V ~ DC27.6 V), Power consumption: Approx. 6.5 W (at DC24 V)
Outline dimensions 160 mm × 98 mm × 40 mm (Excludes protruding parts.)
Weight Approx. 800 g
Installation mount on the metal surface with the magnet.
Accessories USB cable 2.0 m, Ferrite core, Plug for power supply and external control I/O, Plug for analog voltage output, CD-ROM, Instruction manual
Force sensor LSMS-*-S06, Relay box MPC-308B, Relay cable FA409-541-2M/5M/10M, External control I/O cable 2.5 m (FA409-477), Analog voltage output cable 2.5 m (FA409-476)
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
mpc201B-25.dxf (1,971KB) No.EN382201B-25 (305KB) No.EN294-1889 (3,933KB)
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