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Mold cavity pressure measuring system
Feature of Mold Cavity pressure measurement system

The mold cavity pressure can be measured, managed and recorded easily with low cost. Up to now, that was a Black Box though the pressure was an important parameter in a quality of molded products.

The actual measuring waveform of the pressure when the resin is filled into the forming die is useful to manage the quality of molded product.

Shorten the time for optimizing the molding condition by an experimental trial and for matching the condition in mass production factory.

The product quality in mass production can be determined by setting the condition of the determination based on the pressure waveform of non-defective product.
Configuration of System
Molding pressure conversion module
Product line-up
Molding pressure conversion module MPC-201-25 Molding pressure conversion module MPC-201B-25 CE mark applicable
Specialized conversion module, with data processing software (MIP-D-02) and analog voltage output, CE mark applied product.
Relay box MPC-308 Relay box MPC-308B CE mark applicable
Relay box only for MPC-201B-25, CE mark applied product.
Force sensor LSMS-S06 Force sensor LSMS-S06
Specialized sensor. Rated capacity : 20 kgf~3 tf
Mold cavity presssure conversion module MPC-201-25 Mold cavity presssure conversion module MPC-201-25 Force sensor LSMS series