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Load Cell

Steel ball method mounting attachment SCA-CMM1 series

SCA - CMM1 / CMP1  (- S)
  • E   Space saving mounting attachment with slide stop mechanism.
    E   Excellent for severe side load conditions like belt conveyors.
Applicable load cell SCA-CMM1-50K/2T : CMM1-50K~2T
SCA-CMP1-250K/5T(-S) : CMP1-250K~5T
SCA-CMP1-10T(-S) : CMP1-10T
SCA-CMP1-20T(-S) : CMP1-20T
Allowable horizontal load SCA-CMM1-50K/2T : }29.42 kN {3 tf}
SCA-CMP1-250K/5T, CA-CMP1-10T : }98.07 kN {10 tf}
SCA-CMP1-250K/5T-S : }58.84 kN {6 tf}
SCA-CMP1-10T-S SCA-CMP1-20T-S : }117.7 kN {12 tf}
Allowable horizontal moving length }10 mm
Allowable lifting load 19.61 kN {2 tf}
Material SS or plated steel
Mounting plate
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
SCA-CMM1-50K/2T (51KB)
SCA-CMP1-250K/5T, 10T (67KB)
SCA-CMP1-250K/5T, 10T-S (33KB)
SCA-CMP1-20T-S (48KB)
No.216074 (119KB) No.293-1008 (232KB)
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