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Load Cell

Check rod method mounting attachment CCACC010-*B (S)

Check rod method mountint attachment CCA-CC010 (-S)
  • Equipped with lift-off protection fitting
  • All stainless steel construction (Selectable for alloy steel construction)
  • Expansion capability in all directions.
  • Japanese patent No.4422099
Applicable load cell CC010-500K~50T
Allowable horizontal moving length }3 mm (No directionality)
Material SUS304 or equivalent
SS400 or equivalent (Electroless nickel plating)
Parts No. Allowable horizontal load Allowable lifting load Weight
(Approx. kg)
CCACC010-3B(S) }29.42 kN {3 tf} }29.42 kN {3 tf} 15
CCACC010-6B(S) }58.84 kN {6 tf} }58.84 kN {6 tf} 20
CCACC010-12B(S) }117.7 kN {12 tf} }117.7 kN {12 tf} 29
CCACC010-30B(S) }294.2 kN {30 tf} }294.2 kN {30 tf} 55
Welding plate
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
CCACC010-3B(S) (80KB)
CCACC010-6B(S) (80KB)
CCACC010-12B(S) (80KB)
CCACC010-30B(S) (80KB)
No.EN216111 (200KB)

No.EN216105 (199KB)
No.EN294-1365A (430KB)
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