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Load Cell

CWV1 series

  • Low profile, shear web type load cell.
    It is strong in lateral load and suitable to use in the limited space
Rated capacity 19.61 kN{2 tf}~980.7 kN{100 tf}
Safe overload 150 %R.C.
Ultimate overload 200 %R.C.
Rated output 3 mV/V}0.006 mV/V
Non-linearity 0.05 %R.O. (CWV1-50T~100T : 0.1 %R.O.)
Hysteresis 0.1 %R.O. (CWV1-50T~100T : 0.15 %R.O.)
Repeatability 0.02 %R.O. (UWV1-50T~100T : 0.05 %R.O.)
Excitation, recommended 12 V or less
Excitation, maximum 20 V
Zero balance }0.03 mV/V
Input resistance 350 }3.5
Output resistance 350 }5
Insulation resistance 2 000 M or more (DC50 V) (between bridge and main body)
Temp. range, compensated -10 ~ 70
Temp. range, safe -20 ~ 80
Temp. effect on zero 0.03 %R.O./10
Temp. effect on output 0.03 %LOAD/10
Cable 10, 4 -cores shielded 3 m cable directly attached,
Y-type crimp terminal lugs are attached at cable end.
Class of protection IP64 or equivalent
Material of element Alloy steel
Paint Painted by epoxy resin
(Munsell 6GY3.5/2 half-polished resemblance color)
Durability 1 000 000 times with rated load applied.
Bearing plate, Mounting plate
Parts No
Parts No. Rated capacity Natural frequency Rated displacement Weight
CWV1-2T 19.61 kN {2 tf} 4 900Hz 0.05 mm Approx.3.1 kg
CWV1-5T 49.03 kN {5 tf} 6 500 Hz Approx.4 kg
CWV1-10T 98.07 kN {10 tf} 6 300 Hz Approx.6.4 kg
CWV1-20T 196.1 kN {20 tf} 4 800 Hz Approx.15.5 kg
CWV1-50T 490.3 kN {50 tf} 5 400 Hz Approx.29 kg
CWV1-100T 980.7 kN {100 tf} 3 400 Hz 0.09 mm Approx.74 kg
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction Manual (PDF)

CWV1-2T (38KB)
CWV1-5T (39KB)
CWV1-10T (39KB)
CWV1-20T (41KB)
CWV1-50T (66KB)
CWV1-100T (68KB)

No.KT53644-2 (162KB) No.KT60251-1 (49KB)
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