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Digital Indicator
These devices, connected to various sensors and transducers, display measured values digitally and output signals, used for control and monitoring of measuring systems.
Selection table by I/O
Graphic Digital Indicator CSD-912 Graphic digital indicator CSD-912B-EX CE Mark New Product
6.2 inches liquid crystal touch panel display with excellent visibility TFT color and wide viewing angle. Waveform display of weighing status. 100 kinds of recipe measurement can be memorized in brand memory. 1000 times/s of high speed A/D conversion. RS-485 / serial interface as a standard function. CE mark applicable product.
Digital Indicator CSD-903 Digital indicator CSD-903-EX CE Mark
Active standard that succeeds to measurement knowhow cultivated by CSD-912 without regrettably. Controlable in variegated sequence mode. Compact size and light weight. (depth: 136.5 mm), CE mark applied product.
Digital Indicator CSD-904 Digital indicator CSD-904-EX
Best for high accuracy (6 000 div.) scale application (More than 5 micro-volts per division minimum input.) Built-in linearizer (up to 3 points)
Digital Indicator CSD-814B Digital indicator CSD-814B
Clear, large fluorescent tube display with 22 mm charactrer height, Ratio of load vs. rated capacity is clearly indicated with 11 dots bar indicator.
Digital Indicator CSD-891B Built-in control panel type digital indicator CSD-891B

Broad range of computer and sequencer interfaces are included.
Correspond to CC-Link.

Digital Conversion module CSD-892 series Digital conversion module CSD-892 series CE Mark

High performance and palmtop size. Smart and fit model in FA system.
Best for high speed and high resolution application. Equipped with CC-Link interface, RS-232C interface, RS-422/485 interface, current / voltage output and USB 2.0/1.1 interface. Built-in control panel type. CE mark applied product.

Digital Indicator CSD-815 Digital indicator CSD-815B CE Mark
Conpact size (96 mm x 96 mm) digital indicator for strain gage applied transducer with peak hold function, CC-Link interface and CE mark applied product.
Digital Indicator CSD-701B Digital indicator CSD-701B
Compact size (48 mm x 96 mm) with peak hold function.
BCD output as an option.
Digital Peak Holder CSD-709 Digital peak holder CSD-709 CE Mark New release
Compact size and light weight. High sampling rate (4 000 times/s). Waveform display and condition setting by PC. Simplified calibration, Various interface. CE mark applied product..
Digital Peak Holder CSD-819C Digital peak holder CSD-819C CE Mark
Compact size and light weight. High sampling rate (2 000 times/s). Range of peak mode settings. CE mark applied product.
Digital Indicator CSD-581-15/74 PC board type CSD-581-15/74 CE Mark
DC24 V power supply voltage. Broad range of calibration function.
CSD-581-15 : BCD digital output, CSD-581-74 : RS-232C interface.
CSD-581-15 : CE mark applied product.
Digital indicator CSD-401 Digital indicator CSD-401
Digital indicator for digital load cell. Compact size. Equipped with RS-232C as a standard.
Digital indicator for tension meter TMD-100
Space saving instrument combines multiple system functions in system control panel to conserve wiring, and miniaturize the control panel.
Digital Moment Limitter DML-802 Digital moment limitter DML-802B
The hanging load and the operating radius are displayed and the alarm has been output. Japan Crane Association accepted product.
SB310 Instrumentation accessory
Z961/Z964, SB-310/SB-320, B-304B, B307
SB310 PC Software for communication with indicator Easy Tool Communication
Easier to set a digital indicator with PC. The parameter of a digital indicator can be managed with PC.