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Digital indicator CSD-904-EX

Digital indicator CSD - 904
E   Best for scales, to 6000 div. (at the input of 0.2 micro-V/d or more.)
E   Measurement value display with large-scale fluorescent display 22mm character height.
E   Full six digit (999 999) can be displayed.
E   Unit (t, kg, g, lb) displayed.
E   Built-in linear riser (three points or less)
E   Weigh-in/Weigh-out mode
E   Multiple I/O functions
Serial interface, BCD, RS-232C, RS-422/485, 0 ~ 10 V, 4 ~ 20 mA
E   Protection grade : IP65 or equivalent
Bridge power supply DC5 V}0.25 V 120 mA with sensing function
Input sensitivity 0.2 V/dor more (d = minimum scale)
Input range -3.1 mV/V ~ 3.1 mV/V
Zero adjustment range }2.5 mV/V
Non-linearity 0.01 %F.S.
Temp. effect Zero point }0.2 V/, Sensitivity }0.001 5 %F.S./
(during a calibration at the input sensitivity 0.2 micro-V/d or more)
Load display Display gross weight or Net weight
A/D sampling 15 times/s
Display range -999 999 ~ 999 999
Condition display ACCUM, MD, PT, TARE, GROSS, NET, ZERO
Judgement display HI, OK, LO
(OK : Green fluorescent display tube, HI/LO : Orange fluorescent display tube)
Display times 5 times/s (Changeable to 15 times/s)
Decimal point display Changeable to No display, 101, 102 or 103
Unit display Changeable to g, kg, t or lb (Green fluorescent display tube)
Operating temp./humidity range Temperature -10 ~ 40 , Humidity 85 %RH or less
(Non condensing)
Power supply voltage AC100 V (AC85 V ~ AC110 V) 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 4 VA
Outline dimensions(WxHxD) 192 mm x 96 mm x 165 mm (excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 1.6 kg (without options)
Protection code IP65 or equivalent (Only for the fron panel when the attached panel mounting gascket is installed.
Current output, Voltage output, BCD output, RS-232C, RS-422/485 interface, Contact output, Power supply
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
CSD-904 (831KB) No.EN382904-EX-J (262KB) No.EN294-1185-M (2,180KB)
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