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Digital Indicator

Digital Indicator CSD-815B

Digital indicator CSD-815
E   Digital indicator for the strain gage transducers 96 mm x 96 mm.
E   Equipped with peak hold function.
E   Equipped with CC-Link interface.
E   Protection grade : IP65 or equivalent
E   CE mack applied.
Bridge power supply DC5 V}0.25 V within 60 mA (Changeable toDC2.5 V )
Input range F.S. setting is available at the input range from }0.4 mV/V to }3.1 mV/V
iWhen bridge power supply is DC5 Vj
Output range DC}10 V Load resistance 5 k or more
(F.S. setting is available in Function.)
Output times Changeable to 4 times/s, 20 times/s, 50 times/s or 100 times/s.
(Synchronous with display rate.)
Output resolution Approx. 1/12 000
Zero adjustment range }2.4 mV/V
Non-linearity Display 0.01 %F.S.
Output 0.05 %F.S.
Input noise }0.6 Vp-p or less
(With a default setting of digital filter and stabilized filter)
Input filter 2 Hz (Changeable to 10 Hz, 100 Hz or 2 kHz)
A/D sampling 100 times/s
CHECK Approx. 0.3 mV/V (Setting with the interval of about 0.1 mV/V is available in the range fromapprox.0.1 mV/V to 1.5 mV/V.)
Load display 7 segment red LED with 17 mm characterfs height
Display range -99 999 ~ 99 999
Display times 4 times/s (Changeable to 20 times/s, 50 times/s or 100 times/s)
External control function ZERO, PEAK/TRACK/A/Z, HOLD, RESET/A/Z OFF, SEL1, SEL2
Comparator function  
Set value -99 999 ~ 99 999
Set quantity 3 points of S0, S1 and S2
*"S0" is set by function command.
Comparator conversion rate Changeable to 4 times/s, 20 times/s, 50 times/s or 100 times/s (Syncronous with display times)
*During the display of set value, process of measurement and also process of comparator are interrupted.
Various functions Zero tracking, Degital filter, Stabilization filter, Change of HOLD target, Sheet key lock, Selection of Peak mode, Chenge of analog output target.
Operating temp. /humidity range Temperature -10 ~ 50 ,
Humidity 85 %RH or less(Non condensing)
Power supply voltage 100 VAC ~ 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
(permissible variable range from AC85 V to AC264 V)
Power consumption Approx. 9 VA (without options, at 100 VAC)
Approx.18 VA at maximum (with options, at 100 VAC ~ 240 VAC)
Outline dimensions (W)96 mm x (H)96 mm x (D)129.5 mm (excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 500 g (without options)
Protection code IP65 or equivalent (Only for the fron panel when the attached panel mounting gascket is installed.
Current output, BCD output, RS-232C interface, RS-422/485 interface, CC-Link interface
CAD files (DXF) Specification sheet (PDF) Instruction manual (PDF)
CSD-815 (542KB) No.EN382815B (220KB) No.EN294-1434-H (3,090KB)
with CC-Link interface
No.EN294-1435 (290KB)
File for CSP+(CC-Link Family System Profile Plus)
0x0210_CSD-815B_1.00_en.zip (115KB)
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