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PC Software for communication with Digital Indicator

¡ CSD-912B-EX
¡ CSD-903-EX
¡ CSD-892-07-25/-73/-74/-76
¡ CSD-709
¡   Easier to set a digital indicator
    The parameter of a digital indicator can be managed with PC.
EzCTS achieve the setting of indicator easily by managing data in PC, for example as changing a lot of digital indicators to the same setting, or reproducing the setting of a digital indicator.
Setting screen
Software capability
¡ Language switch ... This software corresponds to Japanese and English.
¡ Reading and Writing of set parameter (Read all items by batch or individually.)
  The read parameter is displayed to the reading columun in the grid.
The written parameter is set in the writing column in the grid.
* The item related to the calibration value is not written.
¡ Read/Save set parameter file (CSV file).
  The parameter read from file is displayed to the writing column in the grid.
The parameter to be saved to file is displayed in the reading column in the grid.
The header information to aim at file management is input.
* Serial Number, memorandam and version is input by this software.
¡ Calibration by communication. (Electrical calibration, Supports CSD-709, -892-07-25/-73/-74/-76 and CSD-903j
  After setting the items related to the calibration value, the calibration data is transmitted to the indicator.
¡ Print format
  The set parameter is printed.
Possible to print by setting Title, Customer name, Equipment No., Sequence No., Model No., Serial No., Issued date, Footer arbitrarily.
* A part of function cannot be executed with the digital indicator used.
Print-out format (Example of CSD-903)
¡ Applied OS
Windows Vista, Windows 7 /8.1/10, Japanese or English version.
¡ CPU Intel Pentium (Dual core or Single core) Clock speed : 1GHz or more.
¡ Internal memory 2GB or more
¡ CD/DVD driver ‚P unit (Used for installation)
¡ USB port 1 port
CSD-912 / CSD-903 : Converter and connector for USB <-> Serial.
CSD-892-07-25/-73/-74/-76, CSD-709 : USB cable.
ƒ_ƒEƒ“ƒ[ƒh ‚²—˜—pðŒ
CAD data iDXFj Specifications iPDFj Instruction manual iPDFj
No.382EzCTS (338KB) EN294-1493 (6,265KB)
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