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Pressure Sensor Torque Transducer Digital Indicator
Instrumentation accessory Transmitters Strain Amplifier
Testing Machine Vector Sensor Shock Absorber Tester
Tiebar Gage Measurement System  
Integrated mold sensing system  
CAD data (DXF) Specifications (PDF) Instruction Manual(PDF)
Load Cell : Compression type for industrial weighing systems
Double convex canister type CC010 (-C3)
CC010-500K (35KB) / CC010-2T (34KB) / CC010-5T (34KB) / CC010-10T (39KB) / CC010-50T (34KB)
(General spec.) KT53425-2-B (183KB), (OIML spec./-C3) No.KT52123-2-A (156KB)
Mounting Attachment AIC-035B-S No.N216113 (103KB), AIC-035B No.EN216114 (102KB
Beam Type C3B1 (-NS)
C3B1-200K~1T-NS (29KB), C3B1-2T~5T-NS (29KB)
(General spec./-NS) No.K507309-2-J (128KB), (OIML Spec.) No.KT53058-2-D (138KB)
No.ENKT60242-1-M (159KB)
Beam Type C2B1B (-C3)
C2B1B-250K (29KB) / C2B1B-2T (29KB)
(General Spec.) No.KT52635-2-E (178KB), (OIML spec./-C3) KT53390-2-A (168KB)
No.ENKT60242-1-M (159KB)
Beam Type CBE1 - * (-C3)
CBE1-5K (69KB) / CBE1-100K (63KB)
(General Spec) No.KT52643-2 (149KB), (OIML standard) No.KT53389-2-B (178KB)
No.ENKT60242-1-M (159KB)
Compact / Compression type CMM1/CMM1J/CMM1R
CMM1-* (33KB)
No.KT52998-2-C (142KB), CMM1R-50K ~ 2T No.KT53158-2-B (140KB), CMM1J-50K ~ 2T No.KT53188-2-B (168KB)
Cable for CMM1J (RC019-6M) No.KT53192-1-B (46KB)
No.KT60244-1-I (135KB)
Accurate Compression type CMP1
CMP1-250K (28KB) / CMP1-10T (28KB) / CMP1-20T (28KB)
No.KT51168-2-D (145KB)
No.KT60244-1-H (68KB)
Accurate Compression type CCP1 (A)
CCP1-50K (39KB) / CCP1A-200K (40KB) / CCP1-300K (41KB) / CCP1-2T (41KB) / CCP1-10T (41KB)
/ CCP1-20T (42KB)
No.211011-1 (60KB)
No.ENKT60253-1.pdf (34KB)
Explosion proofed canister type CCP1-Z
CCP1-200K-Z (44KB) / CCP1-2T-Z (44KB) / CCP1-10T-Z (42KB) / CCP1-20T-Z (42KB)
CCP1-200K~1T (47KB) / CCP1-2T~30T (56KB)
No.ENKT60294-1.pdf (58KB)
High capacity compression type CCS1
CCS1-50T (30KB) / CCS1-100T (36KB) / CCS1-200T (35KB) / CCS1-300T (35KB)
No.KT52282-2 (77KB)
No.ENKT60253-1.pdf (58KB)
High overload capacity compression type CCR1(B)
CCR1B-500K (30KB) / CCR1-5T (30KB) / CCR1-20T (29KB)
No.211301 (50KB)
No.ENKT60253-1.pdf (58KB)
Low profile shear-web type CWV1
CWV1-2T (38KB), CWV1-5T (39KB), CWV1-10T (39KB), CWV1-20T (41KB),
CWV1-50T (66KB), CWV1-100T (68KB)
No.KT53644-2 (162KB)
No.ENKT60251-1.pdf (49KB)
Double convex type CC002
CC002 (49KB), Mounting attachment AIC-005B (142KB)
No.KT52871-2 (179KB)
No.ENKT60246-1.pdf (53KB)
Double convex type digital load cell DC002
DC002-10T~30T (224KB), DC002-40T (208KB), Mounting attachment AIC-005B (142KB)
No.KT52892-2 (214KB)
No.ENKT60708-1 (132KB)
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Load Cell : Tension type for industrial weighing systems
Acurate tension type TCP1
TCP1-50K (37KB) / TCP1A-200K (69KB) / TCP1-300K (38KB) / TCP1-2T (74KB) / TCP1-10T (39KB)/
TCP1-20T (39KB)
No.KT52344 (169KB)
No.ENKT60253-1.pdf (34KB)
S-Beam Type U3S1-NS
U3S1-100K-NS (27KB) / U3S1-200K-NS (26KB) / U3S1-2T-NS (25KB) / U3S1-5T-NS (25KB)
No.KT53431-2-B (93KB)
No.ENKT60247-1.pdf (77KB)
S-Beam Type U2S1 / U2S1-C3
U2S1-200K~1T (26KB), U3S1-2T-NS (25KB)
No.KT52709-2 (139KB), U2S1-*-C3 No.KT53538-2 (137KB)
No.ENKT60247-1.pdf (58KB)
Compact tension type T3B1
T3B1-20K (52KB) / T3B1-100K (52KB) / T3B1-200K (52KB) / T3B1-2T (36KB) / T3B1-5T (36KB)
T3B1-20K~1T No.K900562-2 (160KB), T3B1-2T, 5T No.KT51788-2 (143KB)
No.ENKT60247-1.pdf (77KB)
Compact compression / Tension type UMM1 / UMM1R
UMM1-* (51KB)
No.KT51616-2 (118KB), Robot cable type No.KT53167-2 (119KB)A Connector type No.KT53253-2 (132KB)
No.ENKT60244-1.pdf (44KB)
Compact compression / Tension type U3B1 - B
U3B1-20K (82KB) / U3B1-100K (82KB) / U3B1-200K (82KB)
No.K102767-2 (157KB)
No.ENKT60247-1.pdf (77KB)
Tension type for crane CL-B
CL-5T-B (42KB) / CL-10T-B (42KB) / CL-20T-B (41KB) / CL-30T-B (40KB) / CL-40T-B (41KB)
/ CL-50T-B (40KB)
No.KT51605-2 (177KB)
No.ENKT60249-1.pdf (37KB)
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Load Cell : Single point type for commercial scale
Load cell for commercial scale BCL-A(-C3)
BCL-*-A (60KB)
(General spec.) No.214081 (41KB), (OIML spec./-C3) No.KT52073-2-D (428KB)
No.ENKT60243-1-H.pdf (70KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB17 - 11
CB17-*-11 (39KB)
No.KT51855-2-B (379KB)
No.ENKT60243-1-H.pdf (70KB)
Load cell for commercial scale C2G1 - A(-C6)
C2G1-*-A (70KB)
(General spec.) No.KT52301-2-D (120KB), (OIML spec./-C3) No.KT52082-2-J (430KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB004(-C4/-C6)
CB004-* (46KB)
(General spec.) No.KT51828-2-C (54KB), (OIML spec./-C4) No.KT52075-2-F (80KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB004S(-C3)
CB004S-* (46KB)
(General spec.) No.KT52861-2-A (82KB), (OIML spec.) No.KT53248-2-A (79KB)
No.ENKT60245-1.pdf (34KB)
Load cell for commercial scale CB14 - 21(-C6)
CB14-*-21 (44KB)
(General spec.) No.K507319-2 (58KB), (OIML spec.) No.KT52077-2-E (84KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale U2D1(-C6)
U2D1-3K (47KB) / U2D1-25K (47KB) / U2D1-100K (47KB)
(General spec.) No.KT54990-2(223KB), (OIML spec.) U2D1-6K~20K-C3 No.KT52084-2-E (395KB),
U2D1-25K-C3 No.KT52085-2-E (372KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for commercial scale C2D1
C2D1-100K (38KB) / C2D1-600K (32KB)
C2D1-100K ~ 450K : No.K102872-2 (182KB), C2D1-600K~800K : K102970-2 (173KB)
No.ENKT60245-1-H.pdf (714KB)
Load cell for platform scale C2T1 - A
C2T1-300K-A (26KB) / C2T1-600K-A (26KB) / C2T1-1T-A (26KB) / C2T1-2T-A (26KB) /
C2T1-3T-A (26KB) / C2T1-4T-A (26KB) / C2T1-7T (24KB)
C2T1-300K~4T-A No.KT51766-2 (147KB), C2T1-7T No.KT53152-2 (134KB)
No.ENKT60246-1.pdf (53KB)
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Load Cell : Force sensor
Force sensor FSA
No.K503264-2-E (70KB)
Force sensor FSI
FSI-2K No. K505108-2-H (138KB), FSI-10K No. K504103-2-I (146KB), FSI-20K No. K505109-2-J (142KB)
No.ENKT60248-1.pdf (34KB)
Force sensor FSU
No.KT52811-2-B (94KB)
No.ENKT60248-1.pdf (34KB)
Force sensor FSV
FSV-100G No.KT506776-2-F (84KB), FSV-300G No.K506777-2-E (83KB)
Force sensor CF054
No.KT52520-2-B (102KB)
Force sensor CF059
No.KT52620-2-D (77KB)
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Load Cell : Special application usage
Low profile share-web type UWV1
UWV1-2T (34KB) / UWV1-5T (34KB) / UWV1-10T (35KB) / UWV1-20T (36KB) / UWV1-50T (62KB) /
UWV1-100T (64KB)
No.KT52997-2-A (183KB)
No.ENKT60251-1.pdf (49KB)
Miniture type load cell CM085
cm085.dxf (54KB)
No.KT53210-2 (181KB)
No.KT60101-1 (117KB)
Miniture type load cell LSM - B
LSM-500G`5K-B (23KB) / LSM-10K, 20K (23KB) / LSM-50K (23KB) / LSM-100K (23KB) / LSM-500K-B (19KB)
LSM-500G ~ -100K-B No.KT50534-2 (125KB), LSM-500K ~ 2T-B KT52768-2 (116KB)
LSM-500G`100K-B-U No.KT53426-2 (122KB)
No.ENKT60101-1.pdf (25KB)
Miniture type load cell LSMS
LSMS-20KG ~ 50K (94KB)
KT52793-2-F (365KB)
Center hole type C1W1M
C1W1M-6T, 8T-S01 (31KB) / C1W1M-15T, 20T-S01 (31KB) / C1W1M-34T, 50T-S01 (31KB)
No.KT53522-2 (114KB)
Small capacity bending beam type UL/ULA
UL-2GR (50KB) / UL-10GR`100GR (47KB)
UL-2GR No.KT51998-2 (137KB)A ULA-10GR~100GR No.KT52743-2 (146KB)
No.ENKT60243-1-H.pdf (70KB)
Small capacity bending beam type UTA
UT-100GR`2K (45KB)
No.KT52881-2 (151KB)
No.ENKT60243-1-H.pdf (70KB)
Beam Type U3C1
U3C1.dxf (67KB)
No.KT50266-2 (75KB)
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Load Cell : Mounting attachment with slide-stop mechanism
Check rod method mounting attachment CCA-CC010B (-S)
CCACC010-3B(S) (80KB), CCACC010-6B(S) (80KB), CCACC010-12B(S) (80KB), CCACC010-30B(S) (80KB)
CCA-CC010-*B No.EN216111 (200KB), CCA-CC010-*B-S No.EN216105 (199KB)
No.EN294-1365A (430KB)
Flexible stop method mounting attachment FCA-CC010B(-S)
FCACC010-3B(S) (100KB), FCACC010-6B(S) (90KB), FCACC010-12B(S) (82KB)
FCA-CC010-*B No.216107 (252KB), FCA-CC010-*B-S No.216108 (250KB)
No.EN294-1364-F (527KB)
Flexible stop method mounting attachment FCA-CMM1/CMP1-S
FCA-CMM1-50K/2T-S (48KB), FCA-CMP1-250K/2T-S (48KB), FCA-CMP1-5T-S (40KB)
FCA-CMP1-10T-S (53KB), FCA-CMP1-20T-S (91KB)
No.216072 (151KB)
FCA-CMM1-50K/2T-S No. EN293-1001-E (98KB), FCA-CMP1-250K/2T-S No.EN293-1007-E (98KB),
FCA-CMP1-5T, -10T-S No.EN293-1003-E (97KB), FCA-CMP1-20T-S No.EN293-1017-D (101KB)
Check rod method mounting attachment CCA-CMP1
CCA-CMP1-250K/2T-S (155KB), CCA-CMP1-5T-S (165KB), CCA-CMP1-10T-S (150KB)
CCA-CMP1-20T-S (174KB)
No.EN216086 (74KB)
No.293-1002 (524KB)
Flexible stop method mounting attachment FCA-CCP1
FCA-CCP1-200K/1T (49KB), FCA-CCP1-2T/5T (44KB), FCA-CCP1-10T (45KB), FCA-CCP1-20T (61KB)
No.216073 (79KB)
No.293-1002 (524KB)
Rocker pin method mounting attachment RCA-C3B1
RCA-C3B1-200K/1T (48KB), RCA-C3B1-2T/5T (40KB)
No.216034 (53KB)
No.293-1004E (274KB)
Rocker pin method mounting attachment RCA-C2B1B-S
RCA-C2B1B-200K~1T-S (51KB), RCA-C2B1B-2T-S (51KB)
No.216117 (109KB)
No.293-1025 (288KB)
Steel ball method mounting attachment SCA-CMM1/CMP1(-S)
SCA-CMM1-50K/2T (51KB), SCA-CMP1-250K/5T, 10T (67KB), SCA-CMP1-250K/5T, 10T-S (33KB)
SCA-CMP1-20T-S (48KB)
No.216074 (119KB)
No.293-1008 (232KB)
Check-Rod method mounting attachment CCACBE1-CS
CCACBE1-1S (67KB), CCACBE1-2S (62KB)
No.KT54806-2 (106KB)
No.EN294-1352 (232KB)
Check rod method mounting attachment CCA-CC002
No.216075 (49KB)
No.293-1010 (240KB)
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Pressure Sensor : SOS type pressure transmitter
High-accuracy, Negative/Absolute pressure use NS100A series
NS100A (43KB)
No.KS50890-2(121 KB)
No.KS60030-1 (355KB)
High-accuracy, Negative/Absolute pressure use NS115P/NS115 series
NS115 (36KB), NS115P (42KB)
NS115P (Accurate type) No.KS50700 (145KB), Standard No.KS50473 (52KB)
Compact size and High-accuracy type NS320 series
NS320.dxf (43KB)
No.KS51078-2 (151KB)
KS60202-1 (197KB)
Pressure Sensor : Strain Gage type pressure transmitter
High endurance type PRN01 / PRN02 seriess
< Mounting screw G{PF} > EPRN01 (43KB), EPRN02 (36KB)
< Mounting screw R{PT} > EPRN01 (43KB), EPRN02 (36KB)
PRN01 No.KT51588 (66KB) / PRN02 No.KT51783 (61KB)
Pressure Sensor : SOS type pressure transducer
High temperature type for compound pressure measurement NS10T series
NS10T-200KP ~ -50MP (30KB)
No.KS50865-2 (130KB)
High temperature type for compound pressure measurement NS30T series
NS30T-200KP`-10MP (30KB)
No.KS50866 (30KB)
Pressure Sensor : Strain Gage type pressure transducer
High reliability standard type PRB series
PRB-1MP ~ 10MP (14KB), PRB-20MP ~ 50MP (14KB), PRB-100MP (14KB)
PRB-1MP ~ 10MP No.KT50839-2 (112KB), PRB-20MP ~ 50MP No.KT50840-2 (109KB),
PRB-100MP No.KT50841-2 (107KB)
Small and high responce type PRC series
PRC-1MP ~ 50MP (11KB), PRC-100MP (11KB)
No.KT50842-2 (125KB)
Small type for high / low temperature measurement PRJ series
PRJ-1MP ~ 5MP (18KB), PRJ-10MP (18KB)
No.221032 (38KB)
High pressure type STD series
STD-200MP ~ 400MP(14KB), STD-500MP (14KB)
STD-200MP~400MP No.KT51837-2 (143KB), STD-500MP No.KT51838-2
Flash diaphragm type PRO series
PRO (41KB)
No.KS50797-2 (66KB)
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Torque Transducer
Optical transmission method flange type TMHSB series New Product
TMHSB-100NM`300NM (1,128KB), TMHSB-500NM (1,094KB), TMHSB-1KNM (1,101KB), TMHSB-2~3KNM (1,026KB), TMHSB-5KNM (1,034KB)
with detector for rotation speed and rotational direction RPM
TMHSB-100NM`300NM (2,231KB), TMHSB-500NM (2,255KB), TMHSB-1KNM (2,268KB), TMHSB-2KNM ~ 3KNM (2,292KB), TMHSB-5KNM (2,807KB)
No. KT54835-2-D (412KB)
Rotation detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM
No.KT53515-2-D (1,991KB)
Cable CAC-176D-*M
No.KT54839-2 (55KB)
No.EN294-1860-B (677KB), Chinese : No.CN294-1860-B (881KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMHSA series
TMHSA-100NM`300NM (650KB), TMHSA-500NM (627KB), TMHSA-1KNM (634KB), TMHSA-2~3KNM (559KB), TMHSA-5KNM (564KB)
with detector for rotation speed and rotational direction RPM
TMHSA-100NM`300NM (1,336KB), TMHSA-500NM (1,326KB), TMHSA-1KNM (1,347KB), TMHS-2KNM ~ 3KNM (1,346KB), TMHSA-5KNM (1,920KB)
No. KT54341-2-D (379KB)
Rotation detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM
No.KT53515-2-C (1,048KB)
Cable CAC-176C-*M
No.T54323-1 (95KB)
No.EN294-1806-C (577KB), Chinese : No.CN294-1806 (717KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMHS series
TMHS-100NM`300NM (170KB), TMHS-500NM (166KB), TMHS-1KNM (199KB)
with detector for rotation speed and rotational direction RPM
TMHS-100NM`300NM (1,307KB), TMHS-500NM (1,326KB), TMHS-1KNM (1,347KB)
No. KT53353-2-C (197KB)
Detector for rotation speed and rotational direction : RPM No.KT53457-2 (437KB)
Cable CAC-176B-*M No.KT53506-1 (95KB)
No.KT60558-1 (154KB), < Chinese >No.KT60558-1 (992KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMHFB series
TMHFB-500NM ~ 1KNM (230KB), TMHFB-2KNM~3KNM (240KB), TMHFB-5KNM (218KB), TMHFB-10KNM (213KB)
TMHFB-100NM ~ 200NM No. KT54155-2-A (201KB), TMHFB-500NM ~ 1KNM No. KT52536-2-B (200KB),
TMHFB-2KNM~3KNM No. KT52537-2-A (240KB), TMHFB-5KNM No. KT52538-2-A (218KB),
TMHFB-10KNM No. KT53934-2 (213KB)
Power conversion box DBX-001 for connecting with OPT-563B EN353DBX001(113KB)
Cable CAC-169A-10M/-20M No.KT52476-1 (45KB)
Cable CAC-169B-30M No.KT52587-1 (45KB)
No.KT60442-1 (373KB), < Chinese> No.KT60442-1 (411KB)
Optical transmission method flange type TMOFB series
TMOFB-500NM ~ 3KNM (69KB), TMOFB-5KNM (65KB)
TMOFB-500NM~3KNM (233KB), TMOFB-5KNM (230KB)
No.KT60443-1 (141 KB), < Chinese> No.KT60443-1 (423KB)
Power conversion box DBX-001 for connecting with OPT-563B EN294-1629 (281KB)
Optical transmission method TMOS series
No.KT51993-2 (93KB)
Rotary transformer method TMNR series
TMNR-10NM`50NM (32KB), TMNR-100NM, 200NM (31KB), TMNR-500NM, 1KNM (30KB),
TMNR-10NM~50NM No.KT53905-2 (126KB), TMNR-100NM,200NM No.KT53906-2 (121KB),
TMNR-500NM,1KNM No.KT53907-2 (120KB), TMNR-2KNM~5KNM No.KT53908-2 (125KB),
TMNR-10KNM No. KT53909-2(118KB)
No.K900404-1 (189KB)
Rotary transformer method TMNR-ME series
TMNR-500NME ~ 2KNME (182KB), TMNR-3KNME (154KB), TMNR-5KNM (152KB)
No.KT51750-2 (282KB)
No.KT60179-1 (247KB)
Conpact type torque transducer TMR010 series
No.KT53201-2 (113KB)
Low capacity TMBN series
No.KT231022-B (40KB)
No.KT60306-1 (52KB)
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Digital Indicator
Graphic Digital indicator CSD-912B-EX
CSD-912B (603KB)
No.EN382912B-EX (318KB)
No.EN294-1764-D (11,220KB), CSD-912B-70 for PROFIBUS interface No.EN294-1796 (167 KB)
CSD-912B-73 for CC-Link interface No.EN294-1795 (301 KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1764-B (11,226KB)
Digital indicator CSD-903
CSD-903.zip (2,963KB)
No.EN382903-EX-H (271KB)
No.EN294-1492-K (5,195 KB), Chinese No.CN294-1492 (3,529KB),
CSD-903-73 for CC-Link I/F No.EN294-1499 (392KB)
Digital indicator CSD-904
CSD-904 (831KB)
No.EN382904-EX-J (262KB)
No.EN294-1185-M (2,180KB)
Digital indicator CSD-814B
CSD-814B (744KB)
No.EN382814B-I (246KB)
No.EN294-1213-K (2,064KB)
Built-in control panel type digital indicator CSD-891B
CSD-891B (388KB)
No.382891B (109KB)
No.294-1143-M (2,190KB) for CC-Link interface, No.EN294-1146 (219KB)
Digital conversion module CSD-892 series
csd892-07-25.zip (770KB)A csd892-73.zip (923KB)A csd892-74.zip (754KB)A csd892-76.zip (808KB)
CSD-892-07-25 No.EN382892-07-25-D (154KB), CSD-892-73 No.EN382892-73-E (159KB),
CSD-892-74 No.EN382892-74-C (161KB), CSD-892-76 No.EN382892-76-C (167KB),
Instruction manual
[CSD-892-73] No. EN294-1540-J (6,018KB), < in Chinese> No. CN294-1540-D (4,446KB),
[CSD-892-07-25] No.EN294-1645-B (4,117KB), [CSD-892-74/76] No.EN294-1627-B (4,049KB),
Start Guide
[CSD-892-07-25] No.EN294-1644-B (2,116KB), [CSD-892-73] No.EN294-1552-D (3,796 KB),
[CSD-892-74] No.EN294-1625-B (2,961KB), [CSD-892-76] No.EN294-1626-B (2,772KB),
USB driver install manual No.EN294-1569-A (215 KB)
Digital indicator CSD-815B
CSD-815B (542KB)
No.EN382815B (127KB)
No.EN294-1434-H (3,090KB), with CC-Link interface No.EN294-1435 (290KB)
Digital indicator CSD-701B
CSD-701B (432KB)
No.EN382701B (104KB)
No.EN294-1127-P (2,947KB)
Digital peak holder CSD-709
CSD-709 (437KB)
No.EN382709 (183KB)
No.EN294-1742-E (4,002KB), Chinese No.CN294-1742 (3,909KB), Start guide No.EN294-1768 (2,976KB)
Supplementary for CC-Link interface No.EN294-1701 (460KB)
Digital peak holder CSD-819C
CSD-819C (480KB)
No.382819C-K (337KB)
No.294-1240-I (2,854KB), (Voltage power supply) No.294-1250 (262KB)
PC board type digital indicator CSD-581-15, CSD-581-/74
CSD-581-15 (241KB) / CSD-581-74 (238KB)
CSD-581-15 No.382581-15 (74KB) / CSD-581-74 No.382581-74 (69KB)
CSD-581-15 No.294-1107-M (1,046KB) / CSD-581-74 No.294-1108-J (1,187KB)
Digital indicator CSD-401
CSD-401 (744KB)
No.EN382401 (73KB)
No.EN294-1366 (1,500KB)
Digital indicator for tension meter TMD-100
TMD-100 (1,311KB)
No.382100 (104KB)
No.294-1181 (2,196KB)
Digital moment limitter DML-802B
DML-802B (894KB)
No.383802 (321KB)
No.EN294-1379-D (1,967KB)
Communication software EzCTS
No.382EzCTS (338KB)
EN294-1493 (6,265KB))
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Instrumentation accessory
Zener barrier Z961/Z964 (before 2011 / Z961-TC20162/Z964-TC20163 (after 2012)
Z961/Z964 (30KB)
Z961 : No.EN3538908A (53KB), Z964 : No.EN3538909A (59KB),
Z961-TC20162 No.3538912 (89KB), Z961-TC20163 No.3538913 (96KB)
Extension use junction box B - 304B
B-304B-A (626KB) / B-304B-B (619KB)
KX52415-2-ENG (322KB)
Small size summing type junction box B-307
B-307-* (76KB)
No.353307 (137KB)
Summing type junction box SB-310/320
SB-310-A (70KB) / SB-310-B (74KB)
SB-310 No. EN353310-9 (195KB), SB-320 No. EN353320-5 (195KB)
SB-310-* No.EN294-1066-B (212KB), SB-320-* No.EN294-1085-A (244KB)
Summing type junction box SB-321
SB-321 (109KB)
No.123-1525 (188KB)
No.294-1662-E (274KB)
Explosion proof type summing box B - 304Z
B-304Z-C (97KB) / B-304Z-P (58KB)
B-304Z-*-C No.EN353304Z-C-G (214KB), B-304Z-*-P No.EN353304Z-P (170KB)
Explosion proof storage case for digital indicator B-309Z
B-309Z (141KB) / B-309Z-90-92 (103KB)
No.EN353309Z-G (200KB)
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Transmitter CSA-503C
CSA-503C (255KB)
No.351503D (165KB)
No.294-1041 (816KB)
PC Board type transmitter CSA-504S
CSA-504SB (201KB) / CSA-504S-1B (51KB)
CSA-504SB No.351504SB (47KB) / CSA-504S-1B No.351504S-1B (115KB)
CSA-504SB No.EN294-1012 (1 408KB) / CSA-504S-1B No.EN294-1065 (669KB)
Transmitter CSA-507C
CSA-507C (154KB)
No.EN351507C (44KB)
No.EN294-1459-B (681KB)
P.C.Board type transmitter CSA-521
CSA-521 (107KB)
No.EN351521 (185KB)
No.EN294-1145-G (411KB)
Transmitter CSA-522B
CSA-522B (213KB)
No.351522B (213KB)
No.294-1348 (518KB)
PC board type transmitter CSA-528
CSA-528 (171KB)A CSA-528-80-2 (447KB)A CSA-528-80-4 (621KB)
No.EN351528 (232KB)
No.EN294-1471 (554KB)
Transmitter CSA-561B for transformer method torque transducer
CSA-561B.zip (448KB)
No.351561B-B (190KB)
No.EN294-1711-C (4,200KB)
Transmitter CSA-562B for optical transmission method torque transducer
CSA-562B (162KB)
No.351562 (67KB)
No.EN294-1170-F (477KB)
Transmitter for optical transmission method torque transducer OPT-563B
OPT-563B.zip (999KB)
No.351563B (140KB)
No.294-1596 (1,870KB), Simple instruction No.EN294-1723 (756KB), <in Chinese> No.CN294-1723 (696KB)
for PROFIBUS No.EN294-1633 (184KB), for CANOpen No.EN294-1634 (160KB)
Transmitter for optical transmission method torque transducer OPT-564
OPT-564.zip (545KB)
No.351564 (469KB)
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Strain Amplifier
DC type dynamic strain amplifier DAS-406C
das406c.zip (447KB)
No.EN341406C (164KB)
No.EN294-1713 (3,460KB)
Dynamic strain amplifier DSA-631
DSA-631 (229KB)
No.EN361631 (195KB)
EN294-1320 (1,034KB)
Precision calibrator PSC-350
PSC-350 (274KB)
No.362350 (192KB)
No.EN294-1104-E (3,929KB)
Digital static strain amplifier PSD-704
PSD-704 (412KB)
No.EN382704 (135KB)
No.EN294-1102-I (1,886KB)
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Testing Machine
TGI-500N No.ENTGI4122 (220KB), TGI-10kN No.ENTGI4103 (227KB), TGI-50kN No.ENTGI4105 (247KB),
TGI-100kN No.ENTGI4111 (248KB), TGI-250kN No.ENTGI4113 (245KB)
TGE-10kN (769KB) / TGE-5kN (769KB) / TGE-1kN (768KB) / TGE-500N (769KB) / TGE-200N (769KB)
TGE-10kN No.TGE4103 (67KB)
TGJ-250kN No.ENTGJ4113 (208KB), TGJ-100kN No. ENTGJ4111 (474KB), TGJ-50kN No. ENTGJ4105 (459KB),
TGJ-20kN No. ENTGJ4104 (460KB), TGJ-10kN No. ENTGJ4103 (459KB), TGJ-5kN No. ENTGJ4102 (459KB),
TGJ-2kN No. ENTGJ4101 (498KB), TGJ-1kN No. ENTGJ4123 (449KB), TGJ-500N No. ENTGJ4122 (449KB),
TGJ-200N No. ENTGJ4121 (439KB)
Load Test Stand LTS series
LTS-200NB-1kNB (1,116KB)
No.ENLTS4150-B (291KB)
Data processing software TgAnest
No.EN4990-001-E (211KB)
Reference manual No.EN294-1507 (5,490KB), Manual for analysis items No.N294-1506 (1,567KB)
Data processing software SR-*
(Standard software)
TGE No.4960-001 (199KB) / TG No.4943-001 (166KB) / TG-B No.4945-001 (44KB)
(Software for peel test)
TGE No.4960-002 (406KB) / TG No.4943-002 (166KB) / LTS No.4961-002 (204KB)
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Vector Sensor
Vector Sensor MX020 series
No.KT52612-2 (151KB)
Digital transmittor CSD-594
csd594.dxf (697KB)
No.EN382594 (143KB)
No.EN294-1333 (417KB)
PC board type transmitter CSA-524
csa524.dxf (92KB)
No.EN351524 (103KB)
No.EN294-1301 (281KB)
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Tie bar Gage Measurement System
Tie bar gage UX010
UX010 (23KB) / UX010LB (29KB)
UX010 No.KT51907-2 (92KB) / UX010LB No.KT51908-2 (91KB)
Ring for tie bar gage TGR
No.240002 (137KB)
EN293-1021 (223KB)
Guide for tie bar gage TGS
No.1231441 (375KB)
No.KX90697-2A (257KB)
Digital indicator TSD-591
TSD-591 (336KB)
No.382591 (64KB)
No.EN294-1157-G (805KB)
Transmitter CSA-591
CSA-591 (250KB)
No.382591-E (64KB)
No.EN294-1141-F (456KB)
Transmitter CSA-592
CSA-592 (83KB)
Transmitter CSA-593
CSA-593 (2,210KB)
No.351593 (134KB)
No.EN294-1151 (312KB)
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Integrated mold sensing system
Mold pressure conversion module MPC-201B-25
MPC-201B-25.zip (418KB)
No.EN382201B-25 (305KB)
No.EN294-1889 (3,933KB)
Relay box MPC-308B
MPC-308B.zip (1,625KB)
No.EN382308B (234KB)
No.EN294-1889 (4,219KB)
Mold cavity pressure and temperature measurement amplifier MIS-202-PT/PP
MIS-202.zip (1,067KB)
No.EN382202 (691KB)
No.EN294-1906 (3,759KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1906 (3,889KB), in Korean No.KN294-1906 (4,252KB)
Relay box MIS-304-P for pressure sensor and MIS-202-PP
MIS-304.zip (1,079KB)
No.EN353304P (543KB)
No.EN294-1920-A (242KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1920-A (300KB), in Korean No.KN294-1920-A (383KB)
Relay box MIS-304-T for temperature sensor and MIS-202-PT
MIS-304.zip (1,079KB)
No.EN353304T (489KB)
No.EN294-1920-A (242KB), in Chinese No.CN294-1920-A (300KB), in Korean No.KN294-1920-A (383KB)
Force sensor LSMS-*-S06 / LSMSB-*
LSMS-20K/50K-S06 (292KB), LSMS-100K-S06 (202KB), LSMS-200K-S06 (207KB), LSMS-500K-S06 (204KB), LSMS-1T-S06 (210KB), LSMS-3T-S06 (339KB), LSMSB-20K/50K (137KB), LSMSB-100K (111KB)
LSMS-20K/50K-S06 No.KT53854-2-G (469KB), LSMS-100K-S06 No.KT53948-2-E (462KB)
LSMS-200K`3T-S06 No.KT54547-2-G (490KB), LSMSB-20K~100K No.KT55205-2-E (547KB)
Temperature sensor MMTK-01 for mold cavity
MMTK-01 (122KB)
KT54821-2 (71KB)
KT60931-1 (236KB)
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