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6 axis force sensor OPFT-1kN-CH-B

<Discontinuance of 6-axis force sensor>
To our valued customer:
The following information is reported for your reference on the topic identified above.
We would discontinue the production of the optical method 6-axis sensor model OPFT series.
The production continuance reached the conclusion with the difficulty by occasion of the photodiode production discontinuance of the light detecting element that was the key parts.
There are no substitution models for optical method 6-axis force sensor.
Please consult Minebea for the details.
  •   Sensor includes a high speed DSP that performs interference correction and provides digital filter capabilities.
      Use the optional Custom PCI compatible interface board to transmit the six-axis force data at 100 micro-second response-time.
      Upto four sensors may be connected to the optional custom PCI board. (No external power supply is required.)
Rated capacity Fx / Fy / Fz = 1 kN
Mx / My / Mz = 30 N・m
Safe overload 150 %R.O.
Ultimate overload 200 %R.O.
Accuracy 5 % (including non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and interference correction)
Power supply voltage Supplied by exclusive use PCI board
Power consumption Approx. 0.28 A
Temp. range, safe −10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Temp. effect on zero ±0.2 %R.O./℃
Temp. effect on output ±0.2 %R.O./℃
Outline dimensions φ80 x H28 mm
Weight Approx. 275 g
Material of element AL
Output Digital output used with optional PCI board.
(1) Transmit the data from 6 axis force sensor with 100 μs with optional PCI board
(2) Upto 4 sensors may be connected to the optional PCI board.
(3) Response frequency : 1 kHz
(4) Output item : 6 axial data, Function data, Parameter data
Cable 5 m
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