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Protection of Personal Information
Personal Information Protection Policy
MinebeaMitsumi Inc. has implemented the following approach concerning personal information protection.
1D We recognize the importance of personal information protection; and we will strictly conform to the "Personal Information Protection Law" and other related laws and ordinances, as well as appropriately manage the safety of personal information.
2.   We will clarify the purposes of using personal information acquired, and use that information only for those purposes. Furthermore, information will be completely and properly deleted after the purposes are accomplished.
3.   When we consign to outside entities of handling personal information, we will select entities who are considered to safely handle personal information. We will appropriately manage and monitor those entities by having them take responsibilities on confidentiality, safety, and prevention of re-consignment of personal information through contracts and other methods.
4.   We will not disclose, provide, or transfer personal information we hold to third parties without consent of himself/herself, except when required to do so by law or for any other reasonable reasons.
5.   We will carry out suitable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, alteration, damage or misuse of personal information.
6.   We will make this policy well known to our officers, employees, temporary staffs, part time workers, and others engaging in our business, and carry out appropriate training on this matter in a timely manner.
7.   We will strive to continuously review and improve this policy and also manuals, systems, and other items concerning personal information protection.
8.   Please contact us as noted below for inquires on personal information handling, management, applications for disclosure, and other related matters.
MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Personnel & General Affairs Dept. 03-5434-8611 (switchboard)
Lines open 8:45 to 17:30 (except company holidays)
    April 1, 2005
MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
Handling of Personal Information
1D Purpose of use
Personal information we hold as of March 31, 2005 and personal information acquired on or after April 1, 2005 will be handled within the scope of purposes as follows (however, this applies when personal information is acquired directly in ways other than in writing or when personal information is acquired indirectly);
(1) Shareholder information We entrust stock transfer functions to trustworthy agencies, and strictly protects shareholders' personal information through confidentiality agreements. At the same time, Minebea uses that information within the range of purposes pertaining to contribution of fair stock trading, appropriate shareholders meeting operation, and sending necessary documents to shareholders.
(2) Investor information   Investors' personal information will be handled within the range of purposes pertaining to providing investors appropriately our information in a timely manner and allowing them to accurately understand our business details and results.
(3) Customer information   Customers' personal information will be handled within the range of purposes pertaining to carrying out appropriately and without delay business related to our product development & design, manufacturing, sales, etc.
(4) Business partner information   Personal information concerning business partners will be handled within the range of purposes pertaining to our appropriate procurement of items such as raw materials, parts, and packaging and crating materials.
(5) Job applicant information   Applicant personal information will be handled within the range of purposes pertaining to fair job offering, application, selection and employment.
2.   Joint use
Customer, business partner, investor, and job applicant information may be shared with our domestic and overseas subsidiaries (not limited to fully owned subsidiaries, and may also include indirectly owned subsidiaries) within the scope of purposes in 1., above, under the responsibility of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (1-8-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8662).