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Introduction of Sensing Device BU
As we approach the beginning of 21st Century, we are preparing for our next stage of development and growth. At Sensing Device Business Unit (MCBU) of MinebeaMitsumi Inc., it is our goal to develop the finest products in performance and reliability. We aim to meet and exceed the existing requirements of the measuring components markets throughout the world. Fujisawa Plant
For over 60 years, the Sensing Device Business Unit has been fulfilling the needs of its customers in numerous industries by supplying transducers based on most up-to-date strain gage technology, as well as specialized measurement instrumentation.
  Fujisawa plant
Main Products of Sensing Device BU Our products are manufactured at vertically integrated facilities in Japan, Thailand and China. This permits us to meet the demanding standards that have long been pursued by Minebea to maintain the highest quality levels. We are able to structure our pricing according to our high volume manufacturing, and can therefore furnish the most competitive prices by passing our lower costs on to our customers worldwide.
Inconjunction with its application engineering and software procedures, MCBU shall continue to research and develop its products to meet the stringent requirements in the field. In this way, MCBU will assure the highest degree of measurement accuracy and provide solutions to fulfill the needs of its customers.

Based upon its high level of product quality and technical expertise, the MCBU is well positioned to provide measurement solutions well into the 21st Century.

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